Become A Cyborg With Hybrid World Adelaide’s Filter

In collaboration with Monkeystack, here’s a Facebook AR filter you need to try out.

Ever played with Facebook’s AR camera effects? They’re new, fun and exciting. We went to the team at Monkeystack to create a filter for Hybrid World Adelaide, and it’s a good one.
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Five Reasons Why Everyone With A Tech Idea Should Apply To The #HWALAB

The Hybrid World Adelaide LAB is a space for new projects, products and plans that use digital technology to solve real world problems. Do you have a tech idea? Here are five reasons why you should apply.

1. The mentoring workshop

Over two days, you’ll meet a range of world-class mentors who will use their insights to guide you, discuss your ideas and give you tips and tricks to help your idea succeed.

2. Refining your idea

The #HWALAB is an opportunity to review your idea closely and develop it in an encouraging, productive environment. Regardless of the stage of development your idea is in, you’ll leave with a much clearer vision of the next steps you need to take to bring it to life.

3. Networking

You’ll be surrounded by start-ups and entrepreneurs from around Australia and the world. The opportunities to network are endless, and you’ll be able to share and talk about your ideas with tech-minded people who are as interested in the digital world as you are.

4. Developing your pitch

Regardless of how promising an idea might be, the pitch and messaging around it needs to be clear and engaging for the idea to be viable from a business perspective. At the #HWALAB, you’ll be given guidance on making your pitch as succinct, informative and exciting as possible.

5. Making your vision a reality

With $85,000 in SA Government grants up for grabs, the top pitches will get a kick start in bringing their ideas to reality. Where are last year’s grant winners now? They’re using the grants to develop software that helps fight cancer, making business exhibitions more exciting through projection technology and shaking up the TV industry.

This year’s #HybridWorldADL will take place in late July in the city of Adelaide. More details on the #HWALAB and how to apply here.