Free + Ticketed Public Events

League of Legends

League of Legends is the world’s most popular game with 100 million players worldwide. HWA invites beginners and seasoned players alike to come and enjoy two days of League of Legends.

Zedtown: The Divided City

The Color Run meets Call of Duty at this immersive, inimitable event. If you’ve ever wondered how you’d fare in a zombie apocalypse, now’s your chance to find out.

Bajo & Rad

Meet the hosts of ABC ME’s Spawn Point at HWA. Catch them in the gaming areas showing off their l33t skills, and hosting Sunday’s spectacular Cosplay Parade. It’s free!

She Flies

Take to the skies with the She Flies Rapid Fire program, where you’ll learn the ins and outs (and of course, the ups and downs) of drone usage.


Slip inside the mesmeric Portal: a live, full-body, audio-visual experience. You’ll meet a stranger exploring an identical Portal somewhere else in the world. Where will ours take you?

Dragon Friends Podcast

Grab your +1 longsword, clear the dining room table, and get ready for the funniest Dungeons & Dragons adventure you’ll ever see – or hear.

Freudian Nip

Expose your comedic voice to the world (aka the internet) care of this rollicking workshop by Freudian Nip. Take your funny script or idea and translate it for a digital audience.

Code Club @HWA

Ever dreamt of having a robot assistant whose only job is to do your bidding? Code Club Australia is here to help!


Hosted by YouTube stars MrCrayfish and Wyld, this is a suitably massive celebration of the beloved 3D world-building game.

HWA Drone Zone

Take flight at Hybrid World Adelaide when top drone racers from across the country compete for prizes and glory, presented by FPVR Drone Racing Australia.

HWA Chill Zone

When you’ve had your fill of screen time, swing by the Chill Zone for some lo-fi respite. Hosted by The Big Game Theory.

HWA Five Decades of Games

Retrospekt are bringing the width and breadth of gaming tech to HWA, with consoles ranging from the 1970s to today. Take a walk, jump or barrel roll down memory lane.

Get Started With Coding

Discover how you can engage primary learners with coding using the visual-based programming apps codeSpark Academy and Tynker.

Swift Playgrounds

Learn why Swift is the best language for teaching and learning coding, and for app development.

StoryTelling with iPad

Learn how to plan, map, create and share your iPad masterpiece with the world.

MOD. Robot Design Studio

Do androids dream of electric sheep? Depends how you program them! Learn the basics of robot coding with the MOD. squad in this beginner-friendly workshop.

Maker Faire

Maker Faire is a gathering of fascinating, curious people who enjoy learning and who love sharing what they can do, from engineers to artists to scientists to crafters.

Flinders NVI @ HWA

Flinders University will be presenting Main Stage talks and Workshops, showing of the latest developments from their NVI campus.

Flinders University: Building a Game World

Watch as students from Flinders NVI create a virtual space in Unity which is then populated and exported for various platforms. For all levels of knowledge and experience.

Flinders University: Building a FHTBOT

Get hands-on in the Fab Lab with Hackerspace! Build and program your own WIFI controlled robot and take it home.

Flinders New Venture Institute: Crash Course in Design Thinking

Fast paced and action focused, in under three hours learn how to take your old world problems to a Hybrid World solution.

HWA Main Stage

The hub and home of Hybrid World Adelaide, the main stage hosts a downright superfluity of entertainment over our festival’s four days. Best of all: it’s free!

Game Building Challenge

Is it possible to build a game from scratch in less than ninety minutes? Emerging game-makers Matt Trobbiani and Matt Le Krupa give it a red-hot go in this breakneck, race-to-the-finish session.


Buckle up for a LAN-stravaganza. Over four days, sixty networked computers will host hundreds of gamers, who’ll try their hands at an array of collaborative games.

Fat Controller and Futuresounds hack the HWA Main Stage

Party like it’s 2099 when the main stage throws electro festivities on Friday night. Open late, the party will pump with future-focused beats from live and electronic musicians – stay tuned for the line-up.

HWA Sideshow Alley

Be among the first to try out the technology of tomorrow. Innovation companies from across the state, the country and the world give a sneak peek of their newest products at Sideshow Alley.

HWA Indie Alley

HWA’s Indie Alley will showcase the very best of game innovation in South Australia. Everyone is welcome to come and try these new games and speak to the developers who created them.

Cosplay Parade

Cosplay: like Book Week for grown-ups. Celebrate your big- and small-screen heroes by dressing as your favourite character from a game, film or TV show.

SAE Creative Media

Collaborative composition and performance is an element that makes Ableton a great tool for creative expression.

The Future of Music

What will the future sound like? Tune in to two HWA Main Stage sessions to hear industry experts mull the ways technology will shape music.

We Made a Thing

‘We Made a Thing’ is as much a philosophy as it is a company name. With a growing backlog of high concept projects, building from the ground up with the attitude of ‘Show, don’t tell’.

EcoCaddy: Four Seasons in One Ride

EcoCaddy is launching its new EcoCaddy VR Experience. Explore the streets of Adelaide in an EcoCaddy, and take a virtual ride down the streets at different times of the year.’.

Australia’s DIY Cyborg

Welcome futurist, lecturer and Science Party member, Meow-Ludo Disco Gamma Meow-Meow, to HWA

The Robots Are Coming

Robots and their masters are taking over the HWA Main Stage, as we celebrate South Australia’s leadership in robotics both here and overseas.

Hiroshi Ishiguro: Our Future Life with Robots

Professor Hiroshi Ishiguro of Japan, a master of doppelgänger robots, will step onto the HWA Main Stage to discuss the potential for a robot society.

Podcasting… Where to Next?

What are the podcasting trends, and the hottest podcasts you need to hear? Open your ears, our panel of podcasters will give you the scoop.

Is Too Much Screen Time Barely Enough?

Is our collective addiction to technology as bad as we’re led to believe, or is it actually improving our lives?

Edge VR

Edge VR will bring the world’s first Mobile Virtual reality laboratory to Hybrid world, allowing you to experience a pop-up VR games arcade.


CrowdDJ is a modern-day jukebox that lets the audience make music choices through interactive crowdDJ kiosks or the crowdDJ app

How to Become a Successful Influencer

Join international child sensation, Sabre Norris and renowned influencer expert & manager, Clare Winterbourn of The Scouted for an intimate Q&A answering your most pressing questions about what it takes to become a successful influencer.

Meet Sabre Norris

Australia’s youngest pro-surfer and high profile influencer, Sabre Norris will host a one-off meet and greet as part of Hybrid World Adelaide.

The Rookies: Unlocking Future Creators

The Rookies is an acclaimed international competition for young creatives, talent student designers, illustrators, film makers, animators, developers, digital artists, and launch them into dream careers.