Five Women On Our Doorstep Worth Celebrating for #IWD2018

March 8 is International Women’s Day and we’re celebrating by looking at the achievements of five innovative Adelaide women who are pioneers in their respective fields. Check them out.

Flavia Nardini

Flavia is a rocket scientist. She’s the co-founder of Fleet Space Technologies, a company that aims to connect the world’s devices – yes, all of them – in an efficient, more affordable manner than ever before. Fleet Space plans to do this using a collection of tiny satellites.

Dr. Kristin Alford

Kristin is the director of MOD., a future-focused museum for young adults that connects technology, art and science. She was also the founding director of foresight agency Bridge8., which focuses on facilitating nanotechnology, water sustainability, health and other futures for corporations, government and not-for-profit organisations.

Dr. Michelle Fraser and Dr. Melinda Jasper 

At science-tech company RHS, Michelle and Melinda make products for testing single cells to ensure they have the right amount of DNA in them. That way, it can be determined if the cells have a genetic fault that causes disease. RHS is currently developing software for applications like prenatal or cancer diagnosis.

“I think that it’s great there are a lot of role models for STEM that are female. We’ve got more women at RHS than men, and it’s not unusual to find a lot of women in the health space. There’s a lot of women CEOs of listed biotech companies, particularly in South Australia,” says Michelle.

“We’re ASX listed, so a lot of the people that we meet with about investment decisions are male. So I’d love to see some more women in that, covering the health stocks,” she says.

Professor Tanya Monro

Tanya is renowned is in the field of photonics, having a range of patents to her name and publishing more than 500 scientific papers. She focuses on sensing, lasers and new classes of optical fibres. She is Deputy Vice Chancellor, Research and Innovation; and an ARC Georgina Sweet Laureate Fellow at the University of South Australia.

This year’s #HybridWorldADL will take place in July in the city of Adelaide. For more details about the event, click here.