Amie DD

Ages 18+

Workshop #4 - "Let's Make Things Spin!" Robot Space Sidekick

Have you always wanted your very own robot space sidekick to assist you on those crazy space adventures? Here's your chance to create and build your new friend, with servo motors to help bring your friend to life. Amie will walk you through what servo motors are and how to use them, as well as bringing new dimensions to 3D printing in creative builds. Amie will introduce you to coding your little guy, but no sweat, you don't need to know anything about programming. It's probably best if you feel comfortable to work with soldering irons and resistors to join in this fun workshop. Don't worry about leaving your little friend behind as you will get to keep your space sidekick, so start planning that space adventure!

This workshop is delivered in partnership with MOD., Australia's leading future-focused museum, provoking new ideas at the intersection of science, art, and innovation.

This workshop is supported by Flexo, the world's only flexible brick system.

From 1 hour before the session starts, tickets will be available from the MOD. shop (cash and EFT).

Duration (approx) (Amie DD 180 mins) |

Ages 18+