Slip inside the mesmeric Portal: a live, full-body, audio-visual experience. Portals are interconnected environments found in repurposed shipping containers, tents and other custom structures. Inside you’ll meet a stranger exploring an identical Portal somewhere else in the world. While these gateways exist in more than fifteen countries, the immersive tech will make you feel like you’re meeting your new friend face to face.

Portals are purpose-built in schools, cultural centres, public parks, businesses, conferences and refugee sites. They connect curious punters in dozens of contexts – from virtual education and policy discussions, to language immersion and live music events. Where will ours take you?

Suitable for all ages.

Adelaide_Portal is proudly brought to Adelaide by Hybrid World Adelaide and Renewal SA


Thursday 5 Oct – Sunday 8 Oct 10.00am – 6.00pm daily
Tonsley Innovation District (MAB)