Lab Participants


Assisted Outing is an online platform that takes people with needs on private and bespoke outing, both locally and globally, by connecting them with local assistants at the travel destination.

Winnie Wong is the founder of Assisted Outing. She has been her mum’s carer for the last decade. She is also an equity research analyst with a passion for the healthcare industry. Winnie is a CFA charterholder and holds a Bachelor of Commerce (Hons) and a Master of Laws (J.D.).


Video analytics is a powerful tool for athletes to improve performance. However, current solutions require manual labelling and hence are high cost, slow and provide limited insights. Athlete’s AI combines computer vision and machine learning to deliver three distinct advantages over our competitors: lower cost, real-time, and further insights.

David To is a former professional tennis player reaching the top 15 in Australia and 512 in the world. He has a doctorate in Chemical Engineering and an MBA from UCL. David lead the predictive analytics division at a global energy company and is now the CEO of Athlete’s AI.

Guy Edward Gallasch has a PhD in computer systems engineering, with research expertise in the formal modelling and verification of complex concurrent and distributed systems, such as computer communication protocols. He enjoys the challenge of learning new programming languages and has an interest in artificial intelligence and machine learning.


Capsule is an early stage start-up on a mission to create the ultimate single person vehicle, combining the comfort and safety of a car with the low cost and efficiency of a bike.

Davis Tolley is an award winning product design engineer with a passion for inventing and problem solving. Davis graduated from Swinburne University 2 years ago and currently splits his time between Capsule and design consultancy work.


GOGO events unlocks the employment potential of the poor, the homeless and the disadvantaged by creating pathways to employment at events and festivals.

We recruit our staff from organisations providing services to people at risk of or experiencing homelessness, we work with event and festival clients who value their social impact and we ensure all our events and festivals leave a positive social legacy.

Sarah Gun is renowned for her innovative ideas – from socially driven businesses to developing compostable products. Through her award winning event and festival management company GOGO events, Sarah has shown how business can be a force for good. In the past five years, she has created over 650 job outcomes for individuals who are on their journey out of homelessness.

In 2016 Sarah travelled on a Flinders University Scholarship to South x South West in where GOGO events own the “Most Innovative Social Enterprise award” at the “Impact through Innovation Forum”. In 2017 the Westpac Bicentennial Foundation awarded Sarah their Social Change Fellowship, and this year, Sarah was awarded the ‘Women hold up half the Sky’ Australia Day Award.

Moira Deslandes founded Chooks SA a movement to address the gender investment gap. She is a Collab4Good co-founder, 4 female founders impacting the purpose economy. She’s worked from the kitchen table to the cabinet table. Moira is on Scope Global, Gen Junction and Social Impact Investment Network of SA boards.

Lyndsey Jackson is proficient in drupal, a community leader and engager and the animateur behind the #NotmyDebt campaign triggering a Senate enquiry. She blends her love of community and tech to problem-solving. Lyndsey is the national Chair of Electronic Frontiers Australia. She has a soft spot for rural and remote communities.


Kelpie is a digital assistant aimed at improving farmers’ access and interaction with the various digital systems, applications and hardware that are becoming available. Kelpie acts as an aggregator for all manner of equipment, data and information and makes it available in a single simple interface.

Tim Klapdor has spent a decade working at the intersection of education and technology in the University developing interactive resources and in the piloting and development of innovative and new technologies. He’s recently moved into AgTech and this year his team won the Agrihack event in Wagga Wagga.

Rob Stone has worked in and taught Web Design and Development in the tertiary education sector for over a decade. His current areas of interest include Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and systems/device interaction and connectivity. He is currently completing a Masters of IT specialising in Mobile Application Development.


Louise Nobes an award winning social entrepreneur is the founder and CEO of KIK, a group of companies on a mission to end youth unemployment. Louise is a female change maker and strategist and has a passion for street level innovation. With a background in social work and entrepreneurship she inspires s culture of curiosity, disruption and purpose

Michael Evans is a young people that has been through many tough years and left him feeling like he had nothing to offer. ‘KIK has taught me how to believe in myself’. Michael has been the key driver behind KIK’s chocolate business, introducing him to the world of advanced manufacturing technologies and how they can enable business to startup and scale.


ModelFarm is an Adelaide based company specialising in 3D Visualisation and Augmented Reality for the property industry. Established in early 2017, ModelFarm have experienced rapid growth by pushing the boundaries of 3D technology and consistently developing high end content for South Australia’s leading property developers.

Prior to establishing ModelFarm, Shane Aherne had over 14 years of Feature Film Visual Effects experience on some of Hollywood’s biggest movies. Some of Shane’s recent roles include Head of Lighting and Look Development on Thor: Ragnarok, Logan, Game of Thrones, X-Men Apocalypse and Lighting lead on The Lego Movie.

NEURUL SOFTWARE FOUNDATION is a community startup that aims to bring together contributors and users who share the same vision of an optimally centralized and consensually connected future – one that is user-centric, supported and empowered by user-selected technologies, and proactive in the protection of user freedoms.

Elmer Roderick Niem Bool has been a student of IT for the past twenty years. He has worked in roles such as QA analyst, software developer, business analyst and project manager with banks, digital agencies, government agencies as well as one of the largest IT companies today. He is an avid Kaizen practitioner.


PCMTEC develops and sells performance vehicle tuning software for Fords in Australia. This software is sold to performance workshops for a fee, the workshops then pay a $150 license fee per vehicle that is tuned using our software.

Roland Harrison – Software Engineer who reverse engineer’s vehicle control systems. This allows our software to be used to remap vehicles and improve their performance. I write the majority of the software, market the software and provide technical support.


Playt aims to convert any recipe, in print or online, into a digital shopping list, which integrates with national and international grocery partners, for instant grocery delivery.

Barnaby Scantlebury is the GM of Moonshine Lab, Playt’s Co-Founder

Tony Nguyen is the Performance Marketing Specialist at Moonshine Lab, Playt’s Co-Founder.

VERBALIZE.SCIENCE is the revolutionary way to amplify science and research. We provide scientists and institutions with impact and engagement at a fraction of the time and cost of conventional methods. Scientists verbalize their research via our web application and, within one week, we turn it into explainer videos and podcasts.

Andrew Stapleton is a scientist and science communicator with over 10 years’ research experience. His content has been featured in magazines and radio including ScienceAlert, Australia’s Science Channel and ABC radio. Through he is on a mission to amplify research in a low cost and scientist friendly way.

Karen Ferreira is a systems engineer with 10 years of experience as a web developer and business analyst in the newspaper, bank and finance sectors. Karen has been instrumental in the development and design of’s web application including MVP and subsequent development.


Asylum is a biotech startup developing advanced vision and artificial intelligence products for customers in the healthcare and agriculture sectors. Our flagship product called Spector is an automated surveillance system able to detect communicable diseases in people and food supply.

Simon Cullen spent three years working for an international development organisation as a specialist in Earth Observation, Remote Sensing and Machine Learning. Spanning over ten years, Simon also founded and grew a process automation enterprise. The company developed software and advisory solutions for government customers worldwide.


Tyto.AI is building A.I. powered software development tools for real people.

Our first product which lets anyone build a complete mobile data collection App on their phone in under 2 minutes will launch in July.

Nick Lothian is the founder and CEO of Tyto.AI, where he is building A.I. powered tools to let anyone build software. Prior to Tyto.AI he led a data science and software engineering team at Data2Decision CRC build large scale social media analysis products. Nick has a degree in Computer Science from UniSA and lives in Adelaide.


Voxon Photonics are creators of the world’s most advanced 3D volumetric display. Voxon’s 3D Volumetric technology brings digital content to life and helps empower people to visualise, communicate, learn and have fun in a collaborative manner with no barrier to the 3D experience. No special glasses are required.

Will Tamblyn is an inventor, innovator and expert in 3D display technology. As CEO, Will is shaping the direction of the company, liaising with industry partners and is building a grassroots community of innovators and early adopters.

Gavin Smith is an Engineer, Inventor, Volumetric Data Analyst, 3D Workflow Designer, Technologist and is leading the hardware design and managing software development.


Willbits aim is to make the complex and risky world of a legal will simple and accessible for all. We aim to do this by creating an immutable record of your will that resides in a blockchain record that can easily live and change with you throughout your life.

Tobias Crush is a finance and technology professional who has always had an interest in making the complex simpler and easier. His interest in technology is as an enabler to make life a happier experience. Tobias is conscious of the fact that sometimes technology is not the “silver bullet” and tangible experience is a valuable commodity!

Leticia Mooney is a 30-something woman of many talents. A published author, serial entrepreneur, music critic, and scholarship-winning dance student, Leticia has owned three (maybe four) businesses, one of which was acquired by another company in 2010. In the art of music critique, Leticia has been described as a “master”, has been recognised internationally for her work, and authored the first book on the mechanics of rock journalism. She dances ballet; writes for fun as well as for a living; and does more things in a day than most do in a month. Leticia’s mission in life is to inspire people and help create connections… mostly philosophical ones.