2017 HWA LAB

The inaugural Hybrid World Adelaide Lab took place last year on Friday 6 and Saturday 7 October at the Tonsley Innovation District.

A South Australian cancer test developer, RHS Ltd, received the first place prize. The company specialises in single cell genomic analysis and helps to improve health outcomes for cancer patients.

RHS Ltd plans to use the grant to continue work on new technology, which will help diagnose some types of cancer using circulating tumour cells found in the patient’s blood.

With support from the State Government, $85,000 in grant funding was up for grabs at the HWA Lab. 15 tech entrepreneurs and inventors from both local and national start-ups and companies were selected to pitch in a start-up ‘hackathon’ for an opportunity for their share of the available funds. The panel included Robert Tercek, HWA CEO Amanda Duthie, Herve Astier from TechInSA, Jeremy Liddle, co-founder of Capital Pitch, entrepreneur Phillip Alvelda, and Tom Hajdu from the Department of State Development. 

Six companies shared in the $85K of grant funding including:
1. RHS Ltd
2. Rogue Lumens
3. Bliss Creativity
4. Vox Ventures
5. And at equal 5th – Livestock Labs and TCPinpoint

2017 HWA LAB Participants

Augment Space

Augment Space is a South Australia-based startup, which has created a 360° content creation and aggregation platform. Now, anyone can start creating their own professional quality virtual content within a matter of minutes.

Bliss Creativity

Bliss Creativity Pty Ltd was founded in 2017 to assist creative & communications professionals worldwide by providing products to greatly enhance the quality and speed of their workflows.

CareApp Group Pty Ltd

CareApp is transforming the care experience by bringing all the people and communication together in one place, strengthening the relationships in an individual’s support network to build an amazing care community, supporting the individual to live well.

Cognilitics Pty Ltd

Cognilitics develops connected sensor products and AI platforms, designed to assist every city on the planet, through the delivery of cognitive insights utilising existing and new data feeds. These insights help cities to create better policies and make better decisions for their communities.


Cryptyk is an open source, decentralized ecosystem designed for securely managing data storage, file sharing, user access, and network admin. Cryptyk’s decentralized technology promises to be the first complete online security and storage solution for all enterprises and their customers.

Lateral Vision

With its roots in photography, Lateral Vision has morphed over the past 3 years into a vibrant imaging and software business. Our software platform, CloudTour, takes users on an interactive, 360-degree journey through place and space; real or imagined.

Livestock Labs

Livestock Labs brings precision technology to the field of livestock through the creation of implantable technology.


RHS are experts in single cell genomic analysis. They have a core platform technology for whole genome amplification (WGA) of single or small number of cells called DOPlify™ that has exciting applications in IVF (preimplantation genetic screening) and liquid biopsy (circulating tumor cell analysis) markets.

Rogue Lumens

Rogue Lumens seeks to exploit untapped potential of technologies to solve problems, entertain and captivate senses as we inspire and create value for our customers.
With an initial focus on the exhibition industry, Rogue Lumens wants to help exhibitors to communicate and entertain their customers on a new level.


Sandpit blends design and technology to create captivating experiences in the digital and physical world. We are passionate about creating meaningful, personalised experiences for people.
Sandpit have previously delivered projects for clients including Penguin Books, Google Creative Labs, Mirvac and BeyondBlue. Our projects are creatively compelling, strategically robust and technically innovative.


TCPinpoint is a cloud based project management and collaboration tool for the property industry. We help owners of Shopping Centres get tenants open painlessly. We do this by simplifying the complex tenancy delivery and governance process.

Working with the likes of Woolworths, Precision Group and the Adelaide Airport over 10 years, Rachel Kidwell, Founder, identified similar pains and problems experienced by her clients and the stakeholders involved in tenancy delivery which led to the founding of TCPinpoint.


TK Smart Tech is a technology startup based in Adelaide, South Australia. Our mission is to develop innovative and practical tech based solutions that genuinely add value. We are initially focused on enhancing viticulture processes through automation and data analysis to maximise resource efficiency and minimise cost.

Vox Ventures

Vox Ventures is the trading name under which Troy Gray conducts his entertainment business. Vox Ventures is a multi-platform media company specializing in creating innovative television concepts on a global scale, as well as building interactive media synch technology to revolutionize the way worldwide TV is broadcast.

We Made a Thing

We Made a Thing is a new company created to develop fresh narrative concepts and intellectual properties for film, tv & web. WeMaT aims to tell bold and interesting stories across multiple platforms and to collaborate with as many talented and cool professionals as possible.


ZCells develops novel application biotechnologies.