Tech Conference

23-24 July, 2018

Hello Future!

Hybrid World Adelaide 2018 is Australia’s definitive event focused on the merging of the digital domain and the real world.

Each year at HWA we focus on an evolving collection of transformative technologies to understand how they will change the economy and society here and abroad.

Our mission is to provide participants with a solid understanding of the near-term impact of the next wave of technological change on industry, society, education and government.

At HWA 2018 Tech Conference, attendees will learn from world-class experts about the latest developments in artificial intelligence, robotics, cloud computing, smart cities, privatised space exploration, low-orbit satellites, digitization, agriculture tech, bio-tech, digital media and much more. What makes this event unique is that the audience will learn how these emerging technologies fit together coherently to form the foundation for the next phase of transformation.

Learn from international and local experts. Our international guest speakers will inspire entrepreneurs and business people to think broadly about how to achieve global scale, and our Australian speakers will demonstrate impressive progress on the cutting-edge of science that is happening right here, right now. Attendees will gain actionable insight into tomorrow’s technology today.

No other event in Australia assembles this many world-class experts who have specialised in the fields that will shape the world of tomorrow. Say hello to your future at Hybrid World 2018!

Proudly supported by the City of Adelaide’s Ten Gigabit Adelaide network – Australia’s first 10Gbps fibre optic network currently  being installed to 1000 commercial buildings across the city