Tickets for the 2018 HWA Conference will go on sale soon.

Automation, space and medical technology are expanding what we think is possible. What will your business, industry or job look like in 10 years? What about 20 years, or beyond that? The digital world is changing the problems we face – and solutions we use – in everyday life.

You’re invited to join digital pioneer and Hybrid World Adelaide Creative Director for the Industry events, Robert Tercek, and speakers from across the globe to explore the future.

At last year’s conference, famed roboticist and “maverick of android science” Japan’s Hiroshi Ishiguro talked about a robotic society and the future. Other industry leaders enlightened hundreds of delegates in a rapid-fire Hybrid World Adelaide Spotlight session about preparing for the future, discussing everything from e-sports and cyborgs, to wine-making and medical devices.

Stay tuned for this year’s two-day conference lineup and other festival news by connecting with us.