What is Hybrid World Adelaide?

Hybrid World Adelaide is an interactive tech-based event for industry and the public including future innovators and the screen obsessed.

HWA will host leading digital and tech industries, housing an interactive playground of experiences, explaining the way digital technology and reality will intersect in the future.

Innovations for business and everyday life, never seen before gadgets, masterclasses with digital gurus and group video gaming sessions will all be on offer and accessible to the public.

For industry, HWA will become the heartland of some of the world’s brightest minds in the digital space for an agenda-setting two-day conference.

Be engaged and get excited about the future of a Hybrid World.

When and Where is Hybrid World Adelaide 2018?

HWA will be returning 20th-24 July in the heart of Adelaide. The start-up development fund incubation HWA LAB runs from 20 – 21 July at University of South Australia’s Innovation & Collaboration Centre; a program of interactive events runs 21 – 22 July while the HWA Tech Conference runs from 23 – 24 July, both at the Adelaide Convention Centre.

How do HWA and Adelaide Film Festival fit together?

HWA is delivered by the same event team that delivers the Adelaide Film Festival. However, AFF and HWA have separate programming and will take place at separate times in the year. HWA will be held in July and AFF will be held in October.

The link is the importance and power of screens which is why they will run as sister events alongside each other.

There are synergies between the use of digital technology in the arts and its impact on society.

Why is this event important for Adelaide?

Adelaide is a perfect place to host this festival for several reasons:

  • Hybrid World Adelaide aligns with Adelaide becoming the first Gig (gigabyte) City in the southern hemisphere and the first city outside of the U.S. to join the Gig City/Smart City Community.
  • It underlines the State Government’s commitment to create and foster an environment of innovation, recognising that successfully transforming the economy depends on our ability to adopt new ways of doing things.
  • South Australia is recognised for its world-class events and a future-facing event like Hybrid World Adelaide complements the existing calendar of events throughout the year.

Where are audiences coming from?

With all major events in South Australia we look to attract national and international visitation as well as create events that attract industry attendance and support.

Is this a ‘first’ of its kind event? Has an event of this kind been done anywhere else in the world?

There are similar events exploring digital and future technologies taking place all over the world but there is no other event we know of promising both industry and public facing events in a five-day immersive experience.

Why is it called “Hybrid World”?

Hybrid represents the coming together of the real and digital worlds and to quote one of our Creative Directors Robert Tercek who sums it up perfectly:

‘The internet and reality aren’t separate places anymore, we are living in a Hybrid World.’

Why should people come along?

Hybrid World Adelaide will offer an unprecedented opportunity to try, discuss, explore, create and enjoy digital technology. This will include existing and potential products, and the chance to be part of incredible experiences that unite like-minded people.

Is there an age limit for those who can attend?

Absolutely not! Hybrid World is open to people of all ages.

What is Events South Australia’s role in this event?

Events South Australia is the Founding and Principal Partner and will be providing guidance and support to the event’s creative and management teams.

How do people buy tickets to attend the event ?

Conference registration is open. There will be a limited number of early bird tickets available and you can find them here.

For the public wanting to attend Hybrid World Adelaide tickets to a variety of events will be available on the website in the coming months and there will also be free programming. Follow us on social media or subscribe to our e-news for live updates and information.