The City Of Adelaide’s ‘Ten Gigabit Adelaide’ Project Is Leading The Way In Digital Connectivity

It’s driving innovation among industry and the community.

With secure and direct connectivity to the cloud, access to phenomenal 10Gbps data speeds and dedicated access to the latest business services and tools, the City of Adelaide’s highly-anticipated ‘Ten Gigabit Adelaide’ is a revolutionary example of digital connectivity driving innovation among industry and the community.

The City of Adelaide has partnered with TPG Telecom as the ‘Official Network Provider’ to install the high-speed, high-performance fibre-optic data network. Over 45 buildings are already connected and the game-changing infrastructure will be progressively rolled out to 1,000 buildings across the Adelaide CBD and North Adelaide within the next two years.

As the network is installed it will unleash a wide range of new possibilities for businesses, government departments and organisations, without being inhibited by the restrictions and congestion often experienced with traditional internet services. Each service in the Ten Gigabit Adelaide suite has its own, dedicated and uncontested connection, meaning businesses can access the same upload and download speeds via a clean, super-fast, low-latency connection.

Speaking at the upcoming Tech Conference, Peter Auhl, the City of Adelaide’s Associate Director for Information Management, said Ten Gigabit Adelaide had been born from extensive consultation with businesses, which showed that one of the main productivity and efficiency issues they experienced is inconsistent and unreliable internet connectivity.

“This is fundamental architecture that is needed to assist businesses go about their daily tasks and future proof Adelaide in the digital age. It will open-up global opportunities for business growth, enable endless opportunities for international project collaboration and transform how we learn across universities, medical precincts, research facilities and schools,” Peter says.

“It is already putting Adelaide firmly on the radar as a destination of choice for large, digital-reliant businesses and organisations in the health, finance, education, creative and defence sectors, helping to attract new businesses, creating more jobs and driving innovation and investment.”

The City of Adelaide Lord Mayor Martin Haese said there are huge opportunities for industry and community to leverage what will be Australia’s first 10Gbps fibre optic network.

“Through the Ten Gigabit Adelaide we are establishing Adelaide as one of the world’s smartest and most connected cities,” said the Lord Mayor.

“We understand 21st century defence projects are all about global collaborations and we are building this infrastructure and improving the amenity in the CBD to support such interconnectedness across the globe.”

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