Meet This Year’s HWA LAB Participants

Some of Australia’s brightest minds in technology will soon converge at HWA.

Those participating in the HWA LAB this year are about to meet at the Innovation & Collaboration Centre to be mentored by international and local industry leaders, including one of Finland’s leading business speakers André Noël Chaker, Hybrid World Adelaide’s Creative Director and technology futurist Robert Tercek, TechinSA’s Industry Development Director Judy Halliday, American CEO Dr. Phillip Alvelda, and many more.

We were blown away by this year’s applicants, and the time has come to reveal the businesses and entrepreneurs who have been selected to participate and receive invaluable industry advice and feedback on their projects, not to mention their chance at a share in $85,000 of development grants.

Winnie Wong – Assisted Outing

An online platform that takes people who need physical assistance on private and bespoke outings, both locally and globally, by connecting them with local assistants at the travel destination.

Simon Cullen – Asylum

A biotech startup developing advanced vision and artificial intelligence products for customers in the healthcare and agriculture sectors.

David To – Athlete’s AI

Athlete’s AI combines computer vision and machine learning to deliver three distinct advantages over our competitors: lower cost, real-time, and further insights.

Davis Tolley – Capsule Vehicles

Capsule is an early stage start-up on a mission to create the ultimate single person vehicle, combining the comfort and safety of a car with the low cost and efficiency of a bike.

Moira Deslandes – GOGO Events Pty Ltd

GOGO events unlocks the employment potential of the poor, the homeless and the disadvantaged by creating pathways to employment at events and festivals.

Tim Klapdor – Kelpie

Kelpie is a digital assistant aimed at improving farmers’ access and interaction with the various digital systems, applications and hardware.

Louise Nobes – KIK Innovation and Enterprises

Custom made chocolate moulds using advanced manufacturing that can make any shape/design quickly.

Shane Aherne – ModelFarm

An Adelaide based company specialising in 3D Visualisation and Augmented Reality for the property industry.

Elmer Roderick Niem Bool – NeurUL Software Foundation

A community startup that aims to bring together contributors and users who share the same vision of an optimally centralized and consensually connected future.

Roland Harrison – PCMTEC

PCMTEC develops and sells performance vehicle tuning software for Fords in Australia.

Barnaby Scantlebury – Playt

Playt aims to convert any recipe, in print or online, into a digital shopping list, which integrates with national and international grocery partners, for instant grocery delivery.

Nick Lothian – Tyto.AI

Tyto.AI is building A.I. powered software development tools.

Dr. Andrew Stapleton –

Delivering the scientist friendly way to amplify research and papers though augmented web application that turn vocal recording into social media explainer videos, podcasts and more.

Will Tamblyn – Voxon Photonics

Voxon’s 3D Volumetric technology brings digital content to life and helps empower people to visualise, communicate, learn and have fun in a collaborative manner with no barrier to the 3D experience.

Tobias Crush – WillBits

Willbits’ aim is to make the complex and risky world of a legal will simple and accessible for all.

Want to see the participants in action? Finalists will pitch at the Tech Conference.