What To Expect At Dr. Paddy Neumann’s Tech Conference Talk

Neumann Space is working on a system that can keep satellites in their orbit for longer.

Dr. Patrick ‘Paddy’ Neumann is the founder of Neumann Space, and he’ll be at Hybrid World Adelaide’s Tech Conference this year to share his insights.

“Neumann Space is a company we founded to commercialise the results of my PHD in Physics from the University of Sydney,” Neumann says.

“We’re working on a new type of electric propulsion system that can keep satellites in their orbit for longer – using less fuel – because it’s much, much more efficient than anything currently in space today.”

At the Tech Conference he’ll talk about the four segments that every space mission has: the launch, space, ground and support segments. Neumann will then discuss how they all interact and create opportunities for new businesses to solve the problems faced by established players.

Watch the video below to hear directly from Paddy.

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