Meet Rocket Scientist Flavia Nardini

She’s leading the way in South Australia’s privatised space industry.

Flavia Tata Nardini is the founder of private space company Fleet Space Technologies. Their goal? For their satellites to connect 20 million devices in 2020.

They recently launched their product called ‘The Portal’. It will enable enterprises to connect hundreds of devices to private, secure and Low Power Wide Area Networks anywhere around the world, at a fraction of the cost of traditional satellite systems, making remote enterprises able to run Internet of Things (IoT) networks more efficiently.

If you missed Flavia’s appearance at Hybrid World Adelaide last year, you’re in luck: she’s returning later this month to speak at the Tech Conference. And she’s bringing some exciting space updates with her.

“There is so much we have learned in the past twelve months,” Nardini says.

“It’s about time to tell everyone how we see IoT, how we see the world – finally customers, finally cases that we can discuss – and in a few months, there are satellites that are going up. So there’s lots to talk about.”

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