Tech Conference Themes And (More) Speakers Revealed!

Smart cities, machines that think and space missions are on the jam-packed list of themes.

Five-day technology event Hybrid World Adelaide is back for 2018, and there’s less than a month until the Tech Conference. We can now reveal even more of the themes and speakers you can expect to hear at the Adelaide Convention Centre on 23 – 24 July. The full list of speakers and schedule are available now.

Technologies That Will Shape Your Future

Digital media pioneer and award-winning author Robert Tercek will open Hybrid World 2018 with a sweeping overview of the technologies that are converging and maturing to create the framework for the next phase of change. Big data and advanced microprocessors beget Machine Intelligence which in turn enables widespread software automation. The fusion of physical identity with digital metadata recorded in blockchains will enable that machine intelligence to operate in the real world around us, controlling robotic systems. The result: entire corporations defined by software. Are you ready to work for an AI corporation?

Ideas About the Future of Machine Learning

The last decade has seen machine learning transform the way we shop, search, and communicate through Amazon, Google, Facebook and others. Anton van den Hengel (Director, Institute of Machine Learning) will present some ideas about the where this powerful technology might go next.

Making Technology and Culture

If the 19th century was about the evolution from mechanisation to industrialisation, and the 20th was about a move from electrification to computing; then we are surely in the midst of a shift from digitisation to a fully data-centric world. These emergent techno-economic transformations, like many of their predecessors, will then also be accompanied by a great deal of societal and cultural anxiety regarding economic impact, sustainability and trust. But these new technical systems also offer new ways to engage, delight and build, and new ways to imagine how we might be human in the 21st century. Professor Genevieve Bell will discuss how this emerging data-driven world suggests profound challenges and opportunities.

What does Smart mean for Human Habitation?

Smart City projects are everywhere, but what does it all mean? Dr. Nick Falkner will discuss how we can use surveying, interviews and observations in conjunction with systematic electronic measurement and machine learning, to work out how we can improve living for everyone.

Less Artificial Intelligence and Trustworthy Machines

Imagine that split second before an impending accident, when – with the flick of a wrist – you must choose to either hit a school van filled with children or instead, swerve of the road to hit a lone elderly pedestrian. Would you trust a machine with such a life-or-death decision? Had you noticed that machines are already making such decisions hundreds of times a day for you already? Dr. Phillip Alvelda will speak about building new generations of synthetic machine that don’t just have artificial intelligence, but are equipped with artificial emotions, digital ethics and empathy to make them more understandable, relatable, and trustworthy.

NASA Technologies –  Shaping Commercial Opportunities of the Future

Dr. Christyl Johnson will share the vision for NASA and its international partners for the journey to the moon, Mars and beyond. New technologies will have to be invented, new capabilities will have to be developed, and a new generation of STEM leaders will have to be trained. She will share ways in which NASA is transferring its innovative technologies to enable commercial opportunities in space, health, transportation, public safety, the environment and industrial productivity.

Space Missions 101: What You Need, How To Get Them and Why We Do It All

Every space mission has four key segments: launch, space, ground and support segments. Dr. Paddy Neumann will describe each of these segments, before discussing how they interact and create opportunities for new businesses to solve the problems faced by established players.

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