YouTube Superstar Muselk Is Coming to HWA

Meet Muselk, who’s turned YouTube and creating gaming content into a career.

We live in a time where legitimate careers can emerge from blogging and, more recently, being an ‘influencer’ – an umbrella term used to describe someone who creates content online and commands huge audiences from doing so.

Meet International gaming identity Elliott Watkins, known online as ‘Muselk’. He will be hosting or ‘shoutcasting’ (in gaming lingo) the finals of the National High School Esports Rocket League Championship at Hybrid World Adelaide on 21-22 July at the Adelaide Convention Centre. The competition is a partnership between the High School Esports League (launched by the Adelaide Crows) and HWA, and will be streamed live around the world.

What is shoutcasting?

In short, it’s live commentary – usually of video games – that involves a lot of shouting. Shoutcasters are known for their humour, enthusiasm and willingness to share gaming tips with others.

There’s a craft to it: professional shoutcasters distinguish themselves by their ability to shout while still sounding clear, and providing engaging commentary about the games they play.

What is Muselk known for?

YouTuber Muselk has been on the platform since 2012, and now has more than five million subscribers. His videos are a fascinating mix of gaming tips and tricks, multiplayer gaming, gaming ‘secrets’ (like overlooked areas in the fictional worlds), demonstrations of how not to play specific games, ‘unboxing’ videos within games and more.

Sometimes, viewers only see a game screen with a voice-over from Muselk; other times, he appears on camera to commentate or speak directly to his audience.

Watch a Rocket League tournament at Hybrid World Adelaide. Find out more.