From TV To Twitch: Why Bajo Made The Switch

One of Australia’s best-known names in gaming returns to Hybrid World Adelaide.

If you’re a gamer, chances are you’ve heard of Steven ‘Bajo’ O’Donnell. Known for his quirky, humorous presenting style, he became popular as a host on ABC’s Good Game and spin-offs Spawn Point, Pocket and Well Played. At Good Game‘s peak, it was the ABC’s top program on YouTube, attracting nearly 11 million views since 2012. Bajo then moved on to other ABC shows including Whovians and co created the ABC sci-fi tv series Trip for Biscuits.

But he left television behind when he became a full-time streamer on gaming site, Twitch. “I’ve discovered a personal joy in livestreaming on Twitch,” Bajo wrote on his Facebook page about his decision to leave the traditional broadcasting platform.

“The community has been so welcoming of me, and my nonsense streams,” he wrote.

What is Twitch?

For avid gamers – or anyone interested in video games, for that matter – Twitch is the place to be. Earlier this year, it was reported that Twitch has two million broadcasters and fifteen million daily users. It focuses on video game live streaming and broadcasts of esports competitions, but also features creative content like music broadcasts and “in real life” streams. Unlike traditional broadcast, interactivity is central to the site; with users forming communities based on everything from specific games, to movies, or even moods (‘positivity’ is a popular one).

What does Bajo stream?

‘Bajonians’, a.k.a. Bajo’s fans, have embraced the platform; tuning in daily to watch his streams about video games and other moments from his life. On his channel, you’ll find videos about topics including new games he’s enjoying, streaming from conventions and technology events, cooking and his cat. “I’m blown away constantly by their support,” Bajo wrote about the community on Twitch.

“Through them and livestreaming I’m learning so much (even how to cook!), and I’ve never laughed so hard.”

Hybrid World Adelaide takes place 20 – 24 July at the Adelaide Convention Centre. Stay tuned to be the first to know about Bajo’s Twitch workshop!