Drone Racing, Combat Robots And Other Free Activities At Hybrid World Adelaide

Bring your family for some tech-related fun.

Drones don’t just make great photography tools – you can race them. Drone racing is among the free activities on offer at this year’s Hybrid World Adelaide, as well as software coding, a robot combat tournament led by the Adelaide Robot Combat League and interactive augmented reality (AR) and robotics from STEMplay SA. Thanks to SA Libraries, visitors can also get up close and personal with a range of accessible technology activities from over ten libraries around the state.

Love cosplay? You’ll want to check out the finished ‘Space Junk Punk’ cosplay outfit built days before the event at a series of exclusive workshops led by American programmer Amie DD. The outfit will contain moving parts, electronics, 3D printed objects, craft foam, resin and thermoplastic – just to name a few.

Hybrid World Adelaide will also join forces with AVCon to present a range of special events. And there’s still more to come. Stay tuned to hear it first!

Hybrid World Adelaide takes place 20 – 24 July at the Adelaide Convention Centre. Find out more about our Interactive Events.