Three Reasons You Need To See Author André Nöel Chaker At Our Tech Conference

Direct from Finland, we meet one of the world’s leading experts on start-up culture.

25 years ago, André Chaker was living in Montreal when the phone rang. “I was preparing to leave for New York and practice law there… (but on the phone) I was recruited to lead an international organisation based in Finland with another office at UNESCO in Paris,” he says. “I just couldn’t say no.”

Chaker fell in love with Finland, and has since established himself as an author, entrepreneur and award-winning motivational speaker. His book The Finnish Miracle was a bestseller, and at this year’s Hybrid World Adelaide Tech Conference he’ll discuss why Finland seems to have all the answers to success.

Here are the reasons why you need to see André at Hybrid World Adelaide.

1. He’s from the ‘most innovative country in the world’

André cites Finland’s embracement of innovation and start-ups as the reason behind his enthusiasm for the country. “Finland was ranked ‘most innovative country in the world per capita’ last year,” he says. “This can be seen by the wide-reaching innovations of Finland’s most exciting companies.”

He mentions Nokia, Neste (Biofuels), Bayer/Orion (Mirena-Parkinson’s disease treatment), Supercell (mobile gaming) and Happy or Not (data mining) as just a few of Finland’s “remarkably global” companies.

2. He’s an expert on start-up culture

The intricacies of start-up and entrepreneurial culture across the world are a focus of Chaker’s writing. “The start-up culture is evolving very quickly across the world, as can be seen by the Global Entrepreneurship Index,” he says.

“Some countries still have too many barriers facing entrepreneurs. An optimal balance between the work of state and private players needs to be found in each market.”

3. He created ‘The Possibility Model’

In his books The Finnish Miracle and The Finnish Miracle – One Hundred Years Of Success, Chaker presented a fascinating model.

“It is a model that presents the stages leading to the sustainable success many people and companies in Finland have enjoyed over the past 100 years,” he says.

“It’s inspired by research and stories that explain the current level of Finnish and Nordic socio-economic prosperity.”

André Chaker will be a mentor at this year’s HWA LAB, and speak at Hybrid World Adelaide’s 2018 Tech Conference. Buy tickets now.