Hybrid World Adelaide Unveils Public Program For October Event

A world-first initiative as League of Legends comes to South Australia for the first time

ADELAIDE, Monday 28th August: Hybrid World Adelaide (HWA), the new event dedicated to how the real and digital worlds are intertwined, today unveiled its public program featuring a world first for League of Legends to take place in South Australia.

Hybrid World Adelaide and Riot Games – the developers of League of Legends – will host the first ever high school LAN competition, where school teams will meet up in person to play collectively. It will be a world first League of Legends tournament of its kind.

Every public high school in South Australia will be invited to take part in this initiative, that will also promote excellent play and behaviour online.  Schools that have formed teams will have the chance to play in the friendly League of Legends tournament on October 6 and 7 at Hybrid World Adelaide’s hub at the Tonsley Innovation District.

Teachers representing school based teams can register to play by emailing info@leaguehighschool.com.

The wider League of Legends community will also be invited to a ‘meet up’ from 4pm on those days to enjoy the purpose-built LAN that offers a superior experience for players, and participate in the League of Legends viewing party to watch the World Championships live from China.

Ivan Davies, Social Play Lead at Riot Games, said: “We’re delighted to be working alongside leaders in SA education to provide this experience for high school players. Whilst competing against other schools, students will learn the values of sportsmanship; from how this is characterised in League of Legends to how this influences individual and team performance.

“The free to play area and World Championships viewing party provide a unique opportunity for the South Australian League of Legends community to come together, play some games and watch some of the best players in the world.”

The full program will give the public the chance to try, discuss, create and enjoy digital technology across the themes of ‘Me’, ‘Listen’, ‘Play’ and ‘Family’: the personal exploration of evolving relationships with technology (Me), advances in digital technology for music creation and distribution (Listen), gaming and interactive classes (Play), and events for all the family (Family).

Also featured at the event will be a live podcast of Dragon Friends featuring Alex Lee and Michael Hing, Freudian Nip’s satirical masterclass on how to be funny online, and robot workshops with robotics experts.  Families will also be able to enjoy activities that are educational and fun, including coding classes for beginners, right through to advanced level, teaching kids and parents the digital language of our future.  Creative families can get involved in the Cosplay Parade; a parade of some of the most colourful costumes of characters from popular games, TV shows and film.

The Hybrid World Adelaide main stage will feature YouTube stars, game developers, musicians, influencers and presenters – including Bajo and Rad from ABC ME’s Spawn Point who will lead free presentations about the very latest in technology and where it is leading us.

Also making an appearance at HWA will be celebrity streamers MrCrayfish and Wyld, who will lead three 90-minute Minecraft challenge sessions.

Janet Gaeta, creative director of Hybrid World Adelaide said: “My vision for the public program for Hybrid World Adelaide is to make everything as hands-on as possible. This is not a sit and listen event, it’s come and try.  I hope that everyone leaves Hybrid World Adelaide with their horizons broadened, their mind expanded and their eyes widened.

“If you just think about the last five years you can see how technology has transformed just about everything we do.  We have curated a program that embraces this.  It will include robot demonstrations, Minecraft tournaments, coding classes, a drone zone, group gaming sessions and podcast masterclasses, and it is aimed at everyone. You don’t have to be a digital native completely at home in the virtual world to enjoy it! You can simply be curious to see what’s at the cutting edge of technology and what is on the horizon,” Janet continued.

Hybrid World Adelaide will take place from October 4-8 at the Tonsley Innovation District and is predominantly free.

For more information on Hybrid World Adelaide, or to book tickets, visit hybridworldadelaide.org.


The public program will include the following:

Robotics: The Robots are coming
Robots are already a part of everyday life but in the very near future they will be everywhere. The HWA Robot events are suitable for everyone with some elementary coding experience and an inquisitive mind.

League of Legends/ High School League of Legends Clubs
The World’s most popular game is coming to HWA. League of Legends is a team-oriented strategy game, where two teams of powerful champions, each with a unique design and playstyle, must work together to take objectives and outsmart the opposition. HWA presents two days of League of Legends activity with beginners and seasoned players all invited to play.

We all learn through play. By providing the tools and environments that focus on collaboration and understanding, we can help empower educators and students to lay the base for a positive online future.

In 2016, the high school initiative was formed, fuelled by the belief that — together with teachers — Riot can pool knowledge, strengths, and technology to prepare students for success in life. We believe gaming can help the next generation grow into conscientious digital citizens, and we want to do our part to make the future better for them and those around them. Teachers representing school based teams can register to play by emailing info@leaguehighschool.com. For more information, check oce.leaguehighschool.com.

Code Club
Code Club are a national not for profit coding club and currently, there are more than 65,000 Aussie kids across 2000 Code Clubs in Australia. Code Club empowers teachers, students and volunteers in digital literacy through coding and robotics by providing a sustainable and accessible platform for learning and teaching. HWA will host multiple sessions for beginners right through to advanced level.  Each session is hands on with the very latest coding technology and gadgets.

Dragon Friends Podcast Live Recording
Dragon Friends is a monthly podcast where a bunch of comedians muddle their way through a Dungeons & Dragons campaign. They’ve been doing it for almost two years and were recently flown to Seattle to play in front of Mr D&D himself. Featuring David Harmon, Edan Lacey, Simon Greiner, Alex Lee, Michael Hing and often an assortment of friends from comedy and sometimes even the telly. Dragon Friends receive over 50,000 podcast downloads each month, and have a loyal national following through their live shows at theatres, gaming conventions and expos across Sydney and Melbourne.

Cosplay event for Families
Cosplay (dressing up as your favourite character from a game, TV show or film) is an increasingly popular way for people to celebrate whichever character, film, game, show means something to them.  Adelaide is considered one of the foremost centers for Australian Cosplay.  Hybrid World invites all cosplayers to join our Family Cosplay Parade through our amazing Tonsley Site. The parade will be led by one of Australia’s top cosplayers and Bajo and Rad from ABC ME’s Spawn Point.

She Flies – Rapid Fire
The She Flies ‘Rapid Fire’ program, is where you can learn to fly a drone, find out what they’re used for, and meet some real-life scientists and entrepreneurs. The 60-minute program will be fun and educational and includes a flight-based challenge as well as some team-based activity. For children aged 9+.

Drone Zone
FPVR Drone Racing Australia will present two days of drone races and come and try sessions. These will feature some of the best local and national drone racers as they compete for a prize. Between races there will be 10 minute come-and-try sessions. The Drone Zone will be open all day on Thursday and Friday at HWA.

Gaming through the ages at Retrospekt
HWA will host a fully interactive exhibit and play area featuring games from the 70s right through to today; everything from retro consoles to today’s world of virtual reality all fully playable on the original machines.

Freudian Nip
Freudian Nip, two of the brightest young stars in the comedy scene give their unique and hilarious take on living in the age of social media and how to make friends and influence people online, with tips on how to excel at social media.

Chill Zone by The Big Game Theory
Even die-hard gamers need time away from the screen. HWA will have a chill-out zone equipped with board games, with a library of classics to the obscure and The Big Game Theory founder on hand to teach you how to play, give demoes, and host tournaments.  The games library will be open from Friday through Sunday.

Maker Faire – Cardboard Challenge
Adelaide will join the Global Cardboard Challenge, a worldwide celebration of child creativity and the role communities can play in fostering it. The Global Cardboard Challenge is an opportunity for kids to build whatever they can dream up out of cardboard, recycled materials and imagination!

HWA Portal
Portals are a set of interconnected, immersive audio-visual environments built in repurposed shipping containers, tents, and custom structures. They are equipped with technology that connects individuals and groups around the world in live, full-body, conversations. HWA will have its own portal for everyone to use.

Minecraft is a hugely popular 3D world building game and Sunday October 8 will see players challenged in 90 minute sessions with the chance to meet Bajo and Rad from ABC ME’s Spawn Point. This event is hosted by YouTube Minecraft Stars, MrCrayfish and Wyld.

The events will take place under four themes:

  • Thursday 5 October: Me (exploration of our evolving relationships with technology)
  • Friday 6 October: Listen (advances in digital technology for music and podcast creation, distribution and engagement)
  • Saturday 7 October: Play (a look at all things gaming)
  • Sunday 8 October: Family (activities for all the family)


About Hybrid World Adelaide:
Hybrid World Adelaide is an original, exciting and interactive tech-based event for industry and the public showcasing innovations across business and everyday life. From October 4-8 the historic former car factory at Tonsley Innovation District will host leading digital and tech industries providing an interactive playground of experiences and a glimpse of the way digital technology and reality will intersect in the future. The event is set to offer an unprecedented opportunity to try, discuss, explore, create and enjoy digital technology.

Adelaide Film Festival and Hybrid World Adelaide CEO Amanda Duthie is leading the event with founding and principal partner Events South Australia.  The creative directors are leading Los Angeles-based digital pioneer Robert Tercek and Janet Gaeta, who created and ran the popular ABC gaming program Good Game.


About League of Legends:
League of Legends is a video game created by Riot Games in 2009 which has become the most popular game in the world with 100 million players. The game pits two teams of players against each other on a mission to destroy the other team’s Nexus (base).

Alongside development of the game, Riot Games has started a professional eSports league built around League of Legends. League games are televised and often draw more viewers than the major league baseball games aired on ESPN. As a result, an environment has been created in which the world’s top players are dedicated full-time athletes that play professionally year round and who train for their sport with the intensity of athletes in other sports.


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