Space And Entrepreneurship Meet At This Year’s Tech Conference

Our speakers will explore topics that are literally out of this world.

Five-day technology event Hybrid World Adelaide is back for 2018, and there’s less than a month until the Tech Conference. We can’t wait! Curated by award-winning author and digital pioneer Robert Tercek, you’ll hear from experts in artificial intelligence, robotics, augmented biology and more at the Adelaide Convention Centre on 23 – 24 July.

One topic that will be explored in depth at the conference is space, which is fitting for Australia: it’s fast becoming a leader in space industry innovation. Space talk will be complemented by the possibilities for entrepreneurship in the industry, and technology entrepreneurship more broadly. Here are four Tech Conference speakers exploring where space, industry and technology meet.

Robert Tercek

Conference curator and digital pioneer Robert Tercek will open the event with a sweeping overview of the technologies that are converging and maturing to create the framework for the next phase of change.

“This is where we gather together leading thinkers from around the world with business leaders, and some of the thought leaders from South Australia,” says Tercek.

“The idea is to have a conversation about the technologies that are re-shaping the world around us. They’re going to shape the economy, and more broadly, they’re going to have an impact on society.”

Flavia Nardini

Flavia Tata Nardini is the founder of Fleet Space Technologies, who have recently launched their product called ‘The Portal’. It will enable enterprises to connect hundreds of devices to private, secure and Low Power Wide Area Networks anywhere around the world, at a fraction of the cost of traditional satellite systems, making remote enterprises able to run IoT (Internet of Things) networks more efficiently.

“There is so much we have learned in the past twelve months,” Nardini says.

“It’s about time to tell everyone how we see IoT, how we see the world – finally customers, finally cases that we can discuss – and in a few months, there are satellites that are going up. So there’s lots to talk about.”

Dr. Alice Gorman

Dr. Alice Gorman is a leader in the field of space archaeology, and will detail what that means – and her current research focus – at the Tech Conference.

“People generally think archaeology is about old stuff. And most of the time, it is. But it’s also a set of theories and methods. So you can apply those to any period, and what I’ve chosen to do is apply those to the contemporary era,” says Gorman.

“I’m focusing on space exploration as a technology, as an industry and as a whole social world. It’s really about human behaviour and interaction with technology – it just happens to be quite recent and modern.”

André Noël Chaker

André is an expert on the intricacies of start-up and entrepreneurial culture across the world. In his books The Finnish Miracle and The Finnish Miracle – One Hundred Years Of Success, Chaker presented a fascinating model.

“It is a model that presents the stages leading to the sustainable success many people and companies in Finland have enjoyed over the past 100 years,” he says.

“It’s inspired by research and stories that explain the current level of Finnish and Nordic socio-economic prosperity.”

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