Five Co-Working Spaces In Adelaide You Need To Know About

There are spaces for everyone, from technology companies to artists.

Australia’s love for co-working is growing by the day. As of last year, more than 300 co-working spaces could be found across the country, up from just 60 spaces five years ago. With that in mind, we visited some of the co-working spaces in and around the city of Adelaide to see what they have to offer.

1. The Mill, Angas Street, Adelaide

Creating a space for artists to work, network and collaborate is one of the goals of The Mill, a colourful co-working space on Adelaide’s Angas Street. Calling the space home are artists working on a whole range of visual mediums, including traditional mediums like sculpture, ceramics and painting; to mediums like shoe-making, fashion design and jewellery-making.

“We try to attract long-term tenants who are doing it for real, rather than hobbyists,” says General Manager Tim Watts.

“We’re a little bit more traditional… but we have a sound studio who works with us. They converted one of our new studios into a fully sound-proof, mixing and mastering studio. They’re knowledgeable about music technology. We also had some game designers who were working with us,” says Watts.

The space also offers a variety of workshops, including floristry, yoga and dance classes.

2. CO-HAB, Tonsley

Some of the first co-working spaces across the world were built in converted warehouses for technology entrepreneurs and start-ups. CO-HAB is exactly that, albeit with a South Australian twist: built inside a converted Mitsubishi administration building, the fit-out is modern, bright and buzzy.

Former HWA LAB applicants Rogue Lumens call the space home, and the space is just a short walk from Tonsley Innovation District.

3. Little City Studio, Prospect & Unley, Adelaide

There are two Little City Studio spaces in Adelaide – one in Unley, and one in Prospect.

The Prospect space is located in the heart of Prospect Road, connected conveniently to Café Komodo. It’s filled with a number of small businesses ranging from technology to law, but also offers hot-desks for people wanting to stop by for a short time.

A colourful mural greets new visitors to the space, and there’s an emphasis on making the space relaxing and community-minded.

4. Stretton Centre, Munno Para, Adelaide

Stretton Centre is a three-level, airy space complete with a public library, parenting room, kitchenette and seminar spaces.

Events are regularly held in the space (everything from first-aid trainings to business talks), and there are a number of entrepreneurship programs for the business-minded.

5. Game Plus, Pirie Street, Adelaide

Game Plus is a co-working space for game developers and related tech start-ups. Mighty Kingdom, one of the companies leading the way in Australia’s game development scene, calls the place home.

Located in the heart of Adelaide’s CBD, the space has video-game-inspired wallpaper and hexagonal cushions in the main room.

What’s your favourite co-working space? Let us know!

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